Organic Baby Food for Babies 4*-15 months

Relax and enjoy weaning your baby. Simple, healthy and tasty creations using fresh organic products, prepared in your home by a qualified Nanny Chef.

After a free telephone consultation, we come to your home. We do the shop and prepare the food in your home. We are happy to ‘show you how’ or you can simply disappear, and have the day to yourself. We always leave your Kitchen spotless. Any additional equipment that you do not have is provided within the price, including cooking equipment, trays, pots, labels and of course the ingredients!

We provide clear concise labels, a weaning stage appropriate magnetic menu planner for your freezer door & instructions on how to defrost and reheat safely. You can have up to 3 weeks of organic food prepared in your home. All we ask for is use of your kitchen (clean and cleared surfaces please) for the day and enough room in your freezer. Making home made baby food means the food doesn’t go through a ‘retort’ process of preservation, and it can be presented as individual flavours which is great for developing taste buds. Above all babies love it!

The nanny chef spent a day with us in our kitchen preparing first weaning foods for our daughter.  Using top quality organic ingredients she filled my freezer with exciting nutritional range of pured fruit and vegetables.    The nanny chef also advised me on what foods to introduce, and when – including invaluable food preparation tips.  I would highly  recommend hiring Harmony at Home for first stage weaning, I now feel confident and excited as our daughter moves into the world of solid foods, with alll my weaning worries left behind. Amanda, mother of one, London.

Stage 1 First Tastes Menu, approx 3 weeks of food (from 4* months old) £POA

  • A selection of 8 organic seasonal vegetables cooked, pureed & frozen into cube trays.
  • A selection of 5 organic seasonal fruits cooked, pureed & frozen into cube trays.
  • Includes ice cube trays, freezer bags, labels, menu & finger food advice.

Stage 2 New Tastes Menu, approx 3 weeks of food (from 7 months old)  £POA

  • A selection of 6 organic seasonal fruit and vegetables cooked, pureed and frozen into pots & cube trays.
  • Fish cooked, pureed and frozen
  • Chicken cooked, pureed and frozen
  • Chicken Stock freshly made and frozen
  • Red & Green Lentils cooked pulsed, sieved and frozen
  • Includes ice cube trays, pots, freezer bags, labels and menu

Stage 3 Exploring Foods Menu, approx 3 weeks of food (8-9 months old) £POA

A selection of 6 organic seasonal fruit and vegetables cooked, pulsed /mashed and frozen into pots & or trays

  • Fish cooked, pureed and frozen
  • Chicken cooked, pureed and frozen
  • Red & Green Lentils cooked, sieved and frozen
  • Cheese sauce cooked and frozen
  • Red tomato, pepper & courgette sauce cooked & frozen
  • 6 Little dinners in ramekins (from 9 months) Choose between Fish Pie, Cottage Pie or Vegetarian Pie
  • 6 Milky Rice puddings in ramekins
  • Includes ice cube trays, pots, ramekins, freezer bags, labels and menu

Our nanny chefs are always willing to adapt all of the above menu’s for special dietary requirements.

*The Department of Health recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. Unless otherwise advised by your Health Professional, solid food must not be given to babies under 17 weeks old.

We offer a free initial 15 minute telephone or Skype consultation with a qualified Norland Nanny.

Following on from the initial consultation we charge £36 per 30mins or part thereof.

In house consultations are at a rate of £72 per hour plus reasonable travel expenses.

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