Sleep Clinic for Parents

New babies and new mothers and fathers need to sleep. Sometimes the foundations of good sleep can be elusive. We can help to establish good sleeping routines and eradicate any sleep problems. We only recommend trained and experienced sleep consultants registered on our books.

The sleeping problems that we can help with include: Newborn troubleshooting, Sleeplessness, excessive sleepiness, sleep / awake cycle disorders, episodes occurring during sleep and jet-lag.

We offer a free initial 15 minute telephone or Skype consultation with a qualified Norland Nanny.

Following on from the initial consultation we charge £36 per 30mins or part thereof.

In house consultations are at a rate of £72 per hour plus reasonable travel expenses.

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Thank you, as it is now 2 months since you advised us on how we could help our 1yr old daughter get to sleep and then sleep through. She now goes to sleep very soon after being put in her cot. We were amazed when by the end of the first week it only took two minutes for her to fall asleep! It’s such a massive relief that she no longer seems unhappy to be going to bed and it’s great to have our evenings back. Previously our daughter woke regularly through the night and we were having to get out of bed to comfort her back to sleep again. We are delighted to say that we we have only had to do this on two occasions in the whole 2 months of using your method. The best thing about your approach and method is that it is very humane and caring. Thank you. Rebecca, mother of two, Sussex.
My daughter just could not settle herself to sleep. A consultant from Harmony at Home spent a day with us just observing her routine and providing support, advice and encouragement where required. The consultant then pulled together a routine that would suit her and our lifestyle and provided over the phone support for those desperate moments ! It has made such a big difference to us, my daughter has become a happy little girl and bedtimes are no longer a nightmare but a dream and her parents are not so exhausted either. Amanda, mother of one, London.
A very professional service, giving us advice on helping our 2yr old sleep through the night. We are so happy that we can now enjoy time with each other without feeling exhausted. Gisella, mother of three, London.
Invaluable support & advice, just wish we had found you earlier! We now have a very contented baby sleeping through nearly every night. We feel so much more confident and in control. Jessica, mother of one, Hampshire.
After trying ‘controlled crying’ with no success, just an unhappy baby, we asked Harmony At Home to help. The consultant used positive parenting and we now feel more in tune with our baby, and have resolved the sleep problem without tears. Lisa, mother of one, Kent.
We bought all the books available, and tried many different methods. Finding Harmony At Home was a relief, within 4 weeks our 6 month old baby slept through the night for the first time – 7 pm to 6.30 am. We have seen such an improvement, and feel much more confident and rested. Helen, mother of one, Surrey.
The consultant from Harmony at Home has saved my sanity, and constant bags under my eyes! I’m so pleased to have a written plan for my son covering every thing from eating habits to bathing products and most importantly the way for my son to resettle himself during the night without crying down. Shuna, mother of two, Sussex.