Family Friendly Holiday on the Isle of Wight

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The Director of Harmony at Home Limited, Frankie Gray and her husband are delighted to announce that bookings are being taken for their Family Friendly Holiday Cottage on the Isle of Wight. As a Childcare Expert, Frankie has kitted out the detached 3 bedroom House to the highest specification. It has been refurbished and furnished in 2014. You can book your holiday online here:  and  you can book your Childcare or Babysitter for the Holiday with the Harmony at Home Isle of Wight Branch.



Maternity Nurses and New Born Baby care

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Maternity Nurses London UK

Maternity Nurses- Why, What, Where and When?

Having a newborn baby is such an incredible experience that many families look forward too. However having a new baby can be tiring, stressful and sometimes difficult to deal with when living a busy day-to-day life. This is where the help of a Maternity Nurse comes in great use.

Unlike a nanny that many families have when their child is older and parents are planning on going back to work, the Maternity Nurse is with you from when your baby is first born. The Maternity Nurse focuses on the newborn baby and carries out all duties relating to the care of the mother and baby in the first few weeks after birth.

Maternity Nurses are beneficial to many families because they assist in establishing a routine within the home environment (which is very helpful to new families as adjusting to a new life can be quite stressful and tiring). Day-to-day tasks are helped by the Maternity Nurse, for example: baby’s laundry, tidying the baby’s room and sterilising and making up the baby’s bottles, advising on feeding naturally. As well as this, they help teach the importance of safety and hygiene around the baby, and are an ever source of support and guidance.

Becoming a new mother or becoming a mother for the second or third time can be difficult as every pregnancy and birth is different. This means that support is always needed and one of the pros of having a Maternity Nurse is that they help with postnatal care and they also encourage and support with breast feeding as it is so beneficial for mother and baby. Some mother’s find breastfeeding more difficult than others and need as much as support as possible.

When living a busy life and being a working parent, sleep is also very important to be able to function properly, and therefore the live-in Maternity Nurse assists with setting up sleeping patterns and caring for your baby throughout the night so you are able to get your full 8 hours of sleep a night.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are believed to have hired a Maternity Nurse for the arrival of baby no.2. This is an example of a family that live an extremely busy life. They already have a nanny for Prince George as he is older, the Maternity Nurse would therefore be hired to help with the day-to-day tasks of the newborn baby.

Overall there are many positives for having a Maternity Nurse, and as the return to work becomes more common within the 21st Century, hiring a Maternity Nurse means that you can experience parenthood with ease whilst enjoying being a successful business woman or man.

What is a Forest School?

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Building Dens in the Woods

All nannies and parents of budding adventurers need to know about Forest School!

Would spending time in the woods making fires and being ‘Bear Grylls’ for the day be your child’s or charges idea of heaven? Then we have an excellent woodland activity for them. Forest School is an exciting way to educate children in a natural environment.

Forest school teaches children to be able to look after themselves when in the outdoor environment. They offer a wide range of activities that stimulate children and give them the opportunity to expand ideas themselves.

What activities do the children get up to?

There are many activities for children to do, such as:
• Learning how to make and light fires safely
• Making simple hot food and drinks
• Using woodland materials to make sculptures and pictures
• Simple activities such as making themed stories on the natural world
• Woodcraft activities using simple hand tools and natural woodland resources- green wood and other plant material
• Natural play trails/rope trails
• Using natural resources or tarpaulins to build Den’s
• Finally games to promote the importance of environmental awareness

These Forest School’s are usually on weekly basis and therefore as time progresses, and children become familiar with being outside in the wilderness and the safe practices that they have been taught, they are encouraged to initiate their own play and use this time to develop their own ideas at their own pace. If you are a nanny you can adapt these activities and supervise yourself. You can even attend a Forest School training course and become qualified at Level 1 in Forest School teaching!

The benefits of Forest School

Forest School enables and encourages children to become self reliant and independent, which allows children to take responsibility for their own development and learning. This programme also lets children know and understand the importance for the natural world, and shows them how important it is to look after the world too.

The woodland environment lets children improve their physical strength and stamina due to regular access of varied and challenging environment and activities. As well as teaching children the importance of the outdoors, it also lets children use their imagination to write stories and create pictures of their experiences in the woods.

Plus the excitement of spending time in the natural world and feeding them information can lead to expressing their excitement and knowledge at home; leading to teaching other family members all the interesting things they’ve learnt. Resulting in possible family days out in the woods adventuring and practising all the things they have learnt whilst at school.

As well as this, when they become older their interest in the woods and adventuring could be carried on further when they start at secondary school (for example) and therefore want to take part in rewarding activities such as, D of E and therefore getting awards for their hard work and a leadership course they can put on their CV. Search for your local Forest School using a search engine and get creative and learning in the woods.

Using a Reputable Nanny Agency

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Searching for a Nanny is time consuming, stressful and can be tiring as the search is never ending.

Typing into Google a simple search such as ‘Nannies in the UK’ and BOOM! Thousands upon thousands of sights appear advertising nannies from all over the world and you’re left thinking where do I begin?!

Hours of searching later and you think you have found the perfect nanny, can’t find any problems, everything looks amazing, you contact this nanny, plan to meet and everything is ready, all that’s left is they need to sign the dotted line.. But at the last minute they pull out and you’re left back where you started. Deflated, Nanny-less and stressed.

So why go through all the hassle searching alone? When there are nanny agencies available to do all the hunting for you.

Using a nanny agency means that you can give them all your expectations, what you are exactly looking for, and how much you are willing to pay etc. and they then do all the leg work for you. Plus the internet is so big and you don’t know what’s true and what’s false, using a nanny agency means that you’re being presented with a safe Nanny that the agency has made sure references and experience are real and accurate, after conducting a wide variety of background checks. This therefore means you are letting a Nanny into your children’s lives that is safe and trustworthy, meaning you can leave the house happily and not worry about your children’s safety.

Working with a Nanny agency also means you aren’t going through this process alone. You’re able to build a relationship with the agency as you will work with someone who gets to know you and your family and what is important to you with regards to a Nanny. The Nanny agency is representing you on your behalf and therefore contact between yourself and the agency is key.

Once you have gone through the process of finding a nanny and they start working for you, there may be problems or issues that you don’t know how to deal with or you would prefer a different nanny. If you search alone your process of looking for a nanny is back to square one. Whereas searching through an agency means they will be able to find a new one for you in quick time and help with possible child care in the meantime.

Working through a Nanny Agency is like having a safety net around you and your family as they are able to deal with your wants and needs and making your life hassle-free. You have your own guardian angel for child care.

Harmony at Home is a member of PACEY the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years, the International Nanny Association and Best Bear Childcare.

Register today and our highly trained consultants will find your perfect nanny;


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Former teacher and lifelong childcare professional, Michelle Harvey, 51, from Maldon, has launched international childcare agency, Harmony at Home, in Essex.

Michelle, who began her career as a nanny before opening her own pre-school and then moving into teaching, bought the Essex franchise of Harmony at Home in the summer after making the break from teaching and deciding to start her own business.

The Essex franchise is the latest addition to the Harmony at Home portfolio, which was launched by childcare entrepreneur and Norland nanny Frankie Gray in 2004. The agency will now provide a range of childcare services, consultancy and training to parents across the entire county.

On launching her own childcare business Michelle comments: “Having enjoyed a career in childcare at every stage of the process, from being a nanny and owning a pre-school to teaching it as a subject, I understand what works for both the children and the parents. As the owner of Harmony at Home I want to provide parents throughout Essex with the highest standards of childcare, leave them in no doubt that they’ve made the right choice when it comes to selecting a nanny and add value to the lives of children up and down the county.”

Michelle, who has three children, is also well known for supporting a local charity and has taken groups of students over to India in order to support Novi Survat – an Indian charity, based in Goa, that supports underprivileged children. Through her charity work Michelle has also supported families living in India’s slums and provided essential supplies to children with HIV.

Having participated in parachute jumps, half-marathons and sponsored walks for Novi Survat, Michelle has raised £15,000 and even presented a brand new minibus to the charity earlier this year.

Frankie Gray, Harmony at Home’s founding director, adds: “To be a Harmony at Home franchisee there is a strict set of criteria that needs to be met in order to establish that the person is genuinely childcare focussed. Michelle not only met the criteria but she absolutely blew it away with her wealth of experience and her passion for upholding first-class childcare standards. I’m delighted that she’s part of the Harmony at Home stable and confident that under her guidance, Harmony at Home will play an integral role in delivering outstanding childcare throughout Essex.”

For more information contact Michelle on 01245 381353, email or visit


About Harmony at Home
Harmony at Home is a premier nanny and childcare agency. Founded by Norland-trained nanny and mother, Frankie Gray, it has been providing high quality childcare services for parents in London, the UK and internationally since 2004.

From nannies and maternity nurses to more specialised help, such as the mobile crèche and parent consultancy, Harmony at Home provides the right childcare for families, whatever their requirements.

Harmony at Home understands the importance and peace of mind that comes with parents knowing that their children are happy and secure. That’s why it always takes time to carefully match a nanny or child carer who is the perfect fit for the family.

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