Spend time at the library this Summer

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How you can enjoy spending time at the library this Summer

There are so many ways that your children can enjoy the library. A library gives children the opportunity to unlock their imaginations with a huge range of books to discover.

This Summer, West Sussex County Council have set a new, exciting challenge for children to take part in. Children will be challenged to solve a mystery with the ‘Animal Agents’ gang. With a choice of 4 suspects, children will be challenged to put their detective caps on, solve the clues and work out the crime.

The Summer reading challenge begins on 15th July 2017 and is completely free for families to participate in. Children will be required to read a series of 6 books as well as taking part in a interactive activities in order to be able to solve the crime. At the end, they will be rewarded with a medal and a certificate of their very own so they can show off their achievement.

The Summer reading challenge is an ideal event for young children over the Summer holidays. With children broken up from school, it is important to keep their brains active and this event gives them the perfect opportunity to do that.

The summer reading challenge is available at a selection of West Sussex libraries. The case closes on the 16th September 2017, so make sure you have solved the crime in time!

This challenge is open to all and children of all ages are able to take part. Toddlers can get involved with the ‘mini challenge’, collecting stickers as they share library books. Toddlers will be awarded with a special gold medal certificate and certificate to show off their achievements. Parents are also feel encouraged to join in. Make an example to your children and choose a book to read alongside your children.

So, if you are stuck for things to do over the Summer holidays, why not go to the library to discover a huge range of books and fun challenges to take part in.

Good luck with solving the crime!

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2017

How to make Father’s Day special

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Sunday 17th June is Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is fast approaching. It is a day of celebration; celebrating fathers, fatherhood and parental bonds between a child and their dad.

Do you know how you are going to celebrate this year? Do you need some ideas for how to celebrate with your children/ nanny children?

How to celebrate Father’s Day 2018 with children:

Parents, nannies and child carers, all of these ideas are suitable for children and allow them to get involved.

Make him a special card

Not only is it traditional, but it is fun for children to make. Encourage your children to have a go at designing their own Father’s Day card. Base it on your dads favourite theme or his favourite thing to do. For example, gardening, tools, cars, sports, golf or even watching TV. This is a perfect activity to do after school one day with your child’s nanny or carer.

Write him a poem

Put your poetry skills to the test and see if your children can create a Father’s Day related poem. To add to the challenge, nannies see if you can help them make it rhyme as well.

Tell him a funny joke

Have a go at making your dad laugh by telling him a joke. See who can find the funniest joke or have a go at coming up with your own one.

Make up a story about your dad

Children have the best imaginations. Encourage your children to have a go at writing their own story all about their dad. This allows them to put their creative minds to the test to see how creative they can be.

Fathers Day worksheets

The internet has some amazing resources/ templates that are easily accessible. For example: a newspaper template where by children are able to write up their own article about their dad. Or a ‘my dad is special because…’ template, where children can list out reasons for why their dad is special to them. These can then be given as gifts on Father’s Day making them hugely personal and a gift that dad will be able to treasure. Perfect as an activity to complete with your children or nanny children when looking for something to do or when you are stuck for a gift idea.

Make him something special – Fathers Day related crafts

There are so many crafts suitable for children that are perfect for Father’s Day and are easy to make. For example: a photo frame, a top Dad certificate award, a paper tie with words telling him how much you love him, children’s hand/feet prints printed and framed. You could also add a special meaningful design to a drinks coaster, a pen pot or mug. With so many crafty things to choose from it can be hard to just choose one. See what fun you and your children can have getting creative. Nannies, you can also get involved by helping your nanny children to get creative and make something special in time for Father’s Day.

Mums, nannies and child carer’s, make sure you and your children are ready and prepared for Father’s Day this year. Have fun celebrating and spoiling him. He probably deserves it.

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2018

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