Top tips for Camping with Children

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Camping with children! A great holiday idea?

For some, going on a camping holiday is exciting, fun and adventurous.

Children love camping. The thrill of sleeping outside with just a layer of canvas separating them from the outdoors. Camping is certainly an adventurous holiday and one that can take a lot of planning and consideration, especially with young children.

In preparation for going camping with children, ensure you follow these top tips:

Top Tips for camping with children:

  • Make sure your tent is spacious and is big enough to sleep everyone
  • Pack extra blankets to keep warm at night
  • Take plenty of games and entertainment for the children
  • Pack things for children to do in case the weather is bad.
  • Make sure you have enough warm clothing. Prepare for all weathers. Unfortunately, British weather is never predicable. Make sure you have packed clothing to cover you in all weathers
  • Give your tent a ‘homely’ feel by taking home comforts. You may end up spending a lot of time in your tent so it is a good idea to have a few essentials around you.
  • If you are self catering, pack enough food supplies to last you. You will also need to consider if you will need to pack cooking equipment as well.
  • Get to know the area that you are staying in. What is there around the campsite for your children to enjoy? Where is the nearest play area, supermarket, hospital?
  • Get ahead of yourself and have a go at setting up your tent prior to go on holiday. This allows you to make sure you have all the necessary parts and also gives you an idea of how to put the tent up, saving you time when you get to the campsite.
  • Conduct a test run with your children by camping out in the garden. This is especially a good idea if your children have never experienced sleeping in a tent before. This allows them to get a feel for what it might be like
  • Try and follow the same routines as you would at home. If you have young children, try and stick with the same bed time, nap and meal routine

Plan Ahead

When going on a camping holiday with your children, one of the most important things to remember to do is to plan ahead. Make sure all details are finalised and ensure:

  • You know where you are staying
  • You have all the equipment that you need (tent, chairs, crockery)
  • Know what facilities you have available to you
  • Have an idea of what there is to do around the campsite (what activities can children get involved with?)

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2018

Top Tips for Traveling with Children

January 24, 2018 | Leave a Comment

Taking children on holiday with you, is not always a simple task. In fact, it can be quite a challenge and can cause stress levels to rise, which is the last thing you want when going on holiday. Whether you are jetting on to a sunny resort or just taking a trip across the county to a remote cottage for a few days, traveling with kids can take some serious planning.

Our ‘how to’ guide is here to relieve this stress and help make your pre-holiday planning prep, a little easier.

Discover our top tips to ensure a smooth holiday getaway!

Pack a bag of things to do!

Whether you are traveling by plane, car, boat or train, always pack a bag of things to do. Especially when traveling with children.

Pack it full of things to do; games, colouring, devices, the works!

Whenever you hear those dreaded words ‘are we there yet?’ or ‘I’m bored’ be confident that you have come prepared with a bag of tricks to keep them happy and to combat boredom.

Think of some traveling games

If you are taking a long trip somewhere, we would highly recommend thinking of some fun journey games to play to pass the time.

Children love games and they are the perfect way to pass the time. Discover our long journey game guide below:

1). Eye spy

This game is perfect for any type of journey. Long or short, this is the perfect game to play to pass the time.

2). The number plate game

Ideal for long journeys on the motorway. Try to make a word out of the letters on another cars number plate. See who can be the most creative!

3). Spot the object

Choose an object and the first player to spot it wins! To make it more competitive, keep track of the points scored by each player.

4). The alphabet game

This game can be played on any type of journey!

The first player has the think of an object starting with the letter A, the next person would then think of one beginning with the letter B, but before saying it would have to say what’s been said previously. For example:

  • Person 1 – A: Apple
  • Person 2: A Apple, B: Bike
  • P1: A: Apple, B: Bike, C: Car

And so on…

Consider taking your Nanny on holiday with you

If you have a nanny employed to work with your family, why not consider asking her on holiday with you to take care of the children and to minimize the stress to you when it comes to traveling to your destination.

Allow your nanny to keep them occupied and happy whilst traveling to relieve the pressure from you.

Plan ahead your journey

Whatever type of getaway you are making, make sure you plan ahead and know what you might face.

If you are flying, prepare for a long wait at the airport. If you are driving, prepare for long delays on the motorway and for traffic build ups.

A top tip to keep children happy is to plan regular stops. Have a look ahead of your journey and see if there are any service stations or towns that you can pull in to take a break from driving, stretch your legs and grab a quick snack.

Take it at your own pace

The key to a successful journey is to take regular breaks and take it at your own pace. This might be difficult if you have to get be somewhere at a certain time or if you have to board a train or a plane, but always allow a little bit of extra time. 


So, if you are planning on making a getaway with your children, try to consider a few of the above to make your holiday travel as smooth and stress free as possible.

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2018

The importance of staying safe in the sun

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Summer is here! With the warmer weather upon us, we are able to spend more time outside in sunshine, going for walks, playing in the park or in the garden. However, being outside exposed to the sun, does come with a huge responsibility. Keeping your children or charges safe in the sunshine.

UV radiation can not be seen or felt and has no relation to the temperature so it can be hard to know exactly when we have had ‘too much sun’

Overexposure can cause sunburn which resulting in redness and a great deal of pain. The skin turns red within 2 – 6 hours of being burnt. Sunburn then continues to develop over the next 24 – 72 hours. The changing colour of the skin signifies damage to the skin.

However, with that being said, it is still important to ensure that we do get some exposure to the sun. Small amounts of UVR exposure is the most effective way of boosting vitamin D supply.

Ensuring your children & charges are kept safe in the sun

1. Sun cream – An essential for anyone who is going to be exposed to the sun. It should be worn to keep skin protected.

  • Make sure it has a UVA symbol
  • The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) indicates the UVB protection that it offers. Make sure the sun cream you use, has a SPF of 30 or higher to ensure maximum protection
  • All sun cream should be applied 20 minutes before going outside.
  • All sun cream should be reapplied at least every 2 hours. If you find that your children or charges are sweaty, apply more frequently. Sun cream should also be reapplied after water exposure (swimming)
  • If you child or charge is exposed to water (swimming) make sure you apply a waterproof sun cream with an SPF of 15 or higher
  • Protect your lips by applying a lip balm with an SPF in it. Make sure the factor is higher than 30.

No one sun cream provides ultimate protection, so never just rely on applying sun cream to offer protection.

2. Wear protective, suitable clothing

  • Wearing clothing can be the most suitable and effective way of keeping skin safe in the sun as clothing acts as a barrier.
  • Make sure your child or charge is kept covered with loose, baggy clothing such as over sized t-shirts with sleeves.
  • Always make sure your child’s or charges shoulders are covered as they can burn easily.

3. Wear sunglasses – Protect your eyes from solar UV radiation

  • When it comes to purchasing a pair of sunglasses, it is important to remember the Eye Protection Factor (EPF). The EPF ranges from 1 to 10. Be aware that the higher the number, the better protection they will offer.
  • Make sure that the sunglasses fit your child or charge and are not too big or sliding of their face. Ensure that they are close fitting and wrap around the eyes.

4. Wear a hat – protect your face from the sun

  • A hat is a staple for all children. A wide brimmed hat is fantastic for providing shade to the face, neck and the ears.
  • When it comes to purchasing a hat, any ultraviolet protection fabric will provide sufficient protection.

5. Find a shaded area – Don’t spend an excessive amount of time in the sun, spend some time keeping cool

  • Between the hours of 11am – 3pm, the suns UV rays are at their strongest. It is a good idea to avoid the sun during this time. You can still enjoy the great outdoors, but remember to spend some time in a shaded cool area.
  • Even when spending time in the shade, it is always important to remember to apply SPF, wear sunglasses and a hat.
  • Babies and toddlers should be kept in the shade at all times.

Remember to keep cool and protected this summer. Make sure you are doing everything that you can to keep you child or charge safe in the sunshine. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your child is kept protected, whilst still enjoying the outdoors.

Written by Emily Martin for Harmony at Home Limited. All Rights Reserved, 2017

Family Friendly Holiday on the Isle of Wight

November 16, 2015 | Leave a Comment

The Director of Harmony at Home Limited, Frankie Gray and her husband are delighted to announce that bookings are being taken for their Family Friendly Holiday Cottage on the Isle of Wight. As a Childcare Expert, Frankie has kitted out the detached 3 bedroom House to the highest specification. It has been refurbished and furnished in 2014. You can book your holiday online here:  and  you can book your Childcare or Babysitter for the Holiday with the Harmony at Home Isle of Wight Branch.



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